Bus & Coach

Bus & Coach

Allison leads the way globally in fully automatic transmissions for bus and coach applications. Allison Transmissions provide maximum operating value through increased fuel efficiency and reduced lifcycle costs whilst also providing superior passenger safety and ride comfort. We offer a complete range of hybrid and fully automatic transmissions systems for buses and coaches. Allison Transmissions offer smooth shifting, excellent fuel economy with superior durability.

The smart choice

Allison Automatic transmissions are the smart choice We offer a number of electronic control features (Smart Controls) that increase efficiency, reduce fuel consumption, lower the costs of maintenance and enhance safety. Smart Control features include:

  • Adapting to conserve fuel by reducing load on the engine when a vehicle is stopped
  • Automatically selecting neutral when the parking brake is applied
  • Choosing the optimum shift points based on load and terrain Limiting vehicle acceleration rate, when desired by the fleet, to control aggressive driving
  • Enhancing braking with Allison’s ABS and EBS-compatible integral retarder

Allison is the largest producer of hybrid bus transmissions in the world and leads the way in all types of hybrid propulsion systems.

Allison Transmission Hybrid Series incorporates the H 40/50 EP™ hybrid systems. The Hybrid series is suitable for a wide range of medium duty commercial vehicle applications including municipal, transit, utility and distribution.

Allison Transmission has been a pioneer in hybrid and electric propulsion systems for over 25 years. Beginning with its collaboration on the General Motors’ electric car Allison has emerged as the global leader in hybrid propulsion and transmissions worldwide.

Allison Hybrid Transmissions improve fuel economy, enable faster acceleration, and deliver enhanced reliability and durability.


Allison Transmission’s Torquematic® Series are fully automatic transmissions, rated to 410 kW (550 hp). The Torquematic® Series has been built for the unique duty and operational requirements of city / suburban buses and tour coaches.

The Allison Transmission’s Torquematic® Series features a maximum of six forward speeds and one reverse. The Torquematic® Series also features an optional retarder and well as shallow and deep sump options.

Allison’s advanced prognostics are provisioned for in the Torquematic® Series providing better life-cycle monitoring and more cost efficient servicing without risking undue wear on the transmission.


The Allison Transmission 1000 and 2000 SeriesTM is designed for light duty applications including commercial vehicles in both on-highway and public transport applications.

™Rated up to a maximum of 224 kW (300 hp) the Allison Transmission 1000 and 2000 SeriesTM feature a maximum of six speeds, including two overdrives. The transmissions feature both close and wide ratio gearing.

Fifth Generation electronic controls introduce advanced operation and prognostics capabilities.™

Extra features include turbine-driven Power Take-Off (PTO) with optional neutral lock-up and a parking pawl.


Committed to Excellence

All of our technicians have completed factory accredited training courses on all accredited Allison Transmission products with many also attending extensive training courses at the Allison Transmission factory in Indianapolis, USA and Singapore. The technical skills of our employees are also regularly updated with in-house training sessions and exams in our purpose built training facility.