Allison Transmissions offer a range of new fuel-saving innovations designed especially for truck applications. Transmission features include a high efficiency torque converter, a twin countershaft design and advanced controls to provide Continuous Power Technology™. Allison fully automatic transmissions provide increased fuel economy coupled with the reliability, durability and productivity that comes with the Allison brand.

Better fuel efficiency

Allison Automatic provides the optimum balance of fuel economy and performance. Allison automatic transmissions dynamically select the perfect shift points based on load and terrain to automatically maximise fuel economy or boost power when needed. In economy mode, the transmission shifts at lower engine speeds to provide fuel savings and upshifts at higher speeds for greater acceleration when required by the vehicle load and road conditions.

Choosing the Allison Automatic that best fits your expected duty cycle means you may be able to downsize your engine to further reduce costs, emissions and fuel consumption.

Improved maneuverability

Allison’s Continuous Power Technology™ delivers smooth, uninterrupted engine power to the wheels without driver input, allowing for more driver focus on task of maneuvering. There is no lag or jerking during gearshifts and smooth acceleration makes vehicle operation easy and stress free. The reduction of g-forces reduces overall fatigue whilst also keeping loads better protected. Inching is simple with Allison Automatic which also eliminate roll backs.

Reliable, efficient operation

Allison has worked for decades to build some of the most reliable transmissions in the world. They’re built to last and are known for performing reliably.

Lower cost, easier maintenance

Allison makes transmission deliver overall lower lifecycle costs. Since Allison Automatics do not require a starting clutch, there is no servicing or repair requirements to worry about – this is usually a major cost source with both manual and automated manual transmissions. Allison Automatic's integral retarder also reduces brake wear further reducing downtime, parts and service costs. In fact the only regular maintenance required with an Allison Automatic is standard fluid and filter changes. Allison’s Prognostics feature provide simple and accurate monitor of oil and filter as well as overall transmission health reducing unnecessary servicing . This saves  time and money without risking damage to the transmission.

The Allison Transmission 4000 SeriesTM is designed for heavy-duty vehicles where smooth and efficient operation is a requirement. The 4000 SeriesTM provides power, control and enhanced fuel efficiency.

The 4000 SeriesTM  features close or wide ratio gearing with a maximum of to seven speeds, including two overdrive ratios. The 4000 SeriesTM  also features a second reverse gear increasing the versatility and control options in applications requiring fine application of speed and power.

The Allison Transmission 4000 SeriesTM is rated to a maximum of 597 kW (800 hp). An optional engine-driven Power Take-Off (PTO) capability and output retarder provides enhanced braking and reduced brake wear.

The Allison 4000 SeriesTM includes electronic controls designed to provide advanced operation and prognostics capabilities.


The Allison Transmission 3000 SeriesTM is suited to medium-duty commercial vehicles. Its adaptive technology is designed to operate efficiently in a variety of situations and applications making vehicles more cost efficient and easier to operate.

The 3000 SeriesTM has a maximum rating of 336 kW (450 hp) and includes close or wide ratio gearing. Fifth Generation electronic controls introduce advanced operation and prognostics capabilities.

The Allison Transmission 3000 SeriesTM also improves braking performance and wear through an optional output retarder. These transmissions have up to seven speeds including two overdrive as well as Power Take-Off (PTO) capabilities.


The Allison Transmission 1000 and 2000 SeriesTM is designed for light duty applications including commercial vehicles in both on-highway and public transport applications.

™Rated up to a maximum of 224 kW (300 hp) the Allison Transmission 1000 and 2000 SeriesTM feature a maximum of six speeds, including two overdrives. The transmissions feature both close and wide ratio gearing.

Fifth Generation electronic controls introduce advanced operation and prognostics capabilities.™

Extra features include turbine-driven Power Take-Off (PTO) with optional neutral lock-up and a parking pawl.


Committed to Excellence

All of our technicians have completed factory accredited training courses on all accredited Allison Transmission products with many also attending extensive training courses at the Allison Transmission factory in Indianapolis, USA and Singapore. The technical skills of our employees are also regularly updated with in-house training sessions and exams in our purpose built training facility.